2D to 3D CAD Conversion Service


CAD Conversion

Our 2D to 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Conversion Services are able to convert hand drawn sketches and images, old engineering drawings or even modern 2D CAD files in to 3D CAD models.

We use the latest Autodesk Fusion360 to create 3D models which are then directly used, if required, to generate modern 2D engineering drawings, taking in to consideration the end application and customer requirements. Both imperial and metric measurements are no problem, with the ability to convert old imperial drawings to metric if required. 


 The numerous benefits of converting drawings in to 3D models include:

· The ability to easily change the model and ‘up-issue’ the relevant drawing

· Provides increased security against fire & theft with 3D models able to be stored electronically and on the cloud.

· 3D models can be directly imported into CAM software for CNC machine programming

· Clear drawings with modern, internationally recognised symbols, tolerances and materials

· Precise dimensions, scaling and isometric views


We are able to output the following file types: 




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